Off-Grid Calculator

Introducing the Revolutionary Off Grid Calculator

Designing a efficient and reliable off grid electrical systems is now easier than ever. The Off Grid Calculator is the ultimate tool for planning you off grid living electrical system. A user-friendly interface combined with our advanced algorithms make the designing easy. Building a new or maintaining a new system? We can help to optimize your system, ensuring greatest efficiency and reliability.

How it works

We designed our software to be user-friendly and intuitive. Input the electrical components you plan to use. The Off Grid Calculator takes care of the rest. Our advanced algorithms automatically analyze your inputs. The results can help you to find out. If your batterie bank is large enough. If your solar panels are efficient enough, and if your inverter can handle the load. With our software, you can confidently change and test you design. All to make sure your off-grid electrical system meets your specific needs.

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Off Grid Calculator Features

The Off Grid Calculator offers a wide range of intelligent features. All aimed for designing and maintaining off-grid electrical systems and off-grid living. Create and test your off-grid systems in the Off Grid Calculator. This allows you to confirm your desired outcome before you start your build. Let our advanced algorithms simulate power generation and consumption in various situations. The automatic error detection can highlight faults like incorrect cable sizes. By using The Off Grid Calculator, you can design an efficient and reliable off-grid electrical system for your.

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Why to choose Us

The dashboard feature in The Off-Grid Calculator give you an overview of your entire off grid electrical system. You can easily add, remove and manage all components from here.

We designed our software with ease of use in mind. And you don’t need to be and electrical engineering to use it. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

Create as many designs as you need. There are no limitations whatsoever. This allows you to design multiple off-grid electrical systems. Explore different setup to find what works best for you.

Identify misconfigurations in your design. Get alerted to potential issues before they become a problem

Get accurate output estimations for you solar arrays. Results are based on multiple factors for the most reliable results.

Export you system setup and simulations result to Pdf. This can be useful for both system documentation and for an installer.

Simulate your entire system using the Off Grid Calculator. This gives you the ability to test and optimize your design before you start build it.

By testing before you build, you can save money and ensure that your off-grid electrical system is designed correctly from the beginning.

Calculations are chosen to provide accurate and reliable results. Giving you the confidence that your off-grid system will work exactly as expected.

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Off Grid Calculator is available for sale at a low price of $39.95. For that, you will get a lifetime license with access to all our features and function. Also, you’ll receive free updates for one year. . After that, you can choose to buy extended support and maintenance for only $9.95 per year. With our affordable pricing, anyone can now afford to design an efficient and reliable off-grid electrical system.

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Still not convinced?

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